Creative Church is a special time of activities and worship for children, and is held on the second Sunday of each month, at 10.30am, in Footprints @ The Beacon, 37 London Road, Dover CT17 0SS. We always have a great time! 


Our children have been using ingeneous ways of marking Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday using items they can find at home. Some have created an Easter garden, another has used Lego to depict the crucixion, and Elouise and Mason used crumpets, bread and pasta for their Easter Sunday morning scene. Absolutely brilliant! Well done.






























































Trust was the theme of our March session.


On Sunday 15 December we performed our Nativity Play "Stable Memories" as part of the service in the church, and it was very well received.


The November session, on Remembrance Sunday, gave us a chance to remember those who have helped us be free in this country, and we made poppy field pictures. We prayed for people still caught up in war today


We also collected and blessed the Love in a Box boxes which the children had filled with gifts for children in need this Christmas


And we acted out, with puppets, a story ’The Gentle Tree’ - about a tree which stood strong (even though trembling and scared) when all around was crashing to the ground. It saved the forest and all the animals' habitats. The children, with the puppets, then placed poppies around The Gentle Tree. It was beautiful.